Keeping the soil moist in the garden during the hot season means keeping the soil in the optimal condition for the proper growth of plants. The best way to do this is through an irrigation system.

Thanks to the irrigation system, you have even more time because, unlike the hose, it measures the amount of water supplied to the garden, so you can set the right amount of water when it´s needed. You should know that the irrigation system will be selected based on the type of pots in your garden, their size and most importantly, the amount of time available to care for the plants.





Automated irrigation system.



Irrigation systems are easy to install and also save water and time.  In addition to installing an irrigation system in the garden is one of the best options to keep your garden in good condition and save water.

Thanks to its installation, you can make sure to water each plant regularly, because otherwise, it usually happens that the amount of water in all the garden is uneven, giving preference only to those that grow in prominent places, making some areas greener than others.

That includes timers in the irrigation equipment to regulate the flow of the water through the solenoid valves. The controls are practical and simple, as you only need to schedule the date and time to start and stop watering. Thanks to them, you can safely achieve uniform irrigation and perfect for your garden.

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