Give life to your garden with mulching and what better something that helps keep your garden in good condition and nutritious.


¿What is Mulching?

Mulching technique that is used to protect agricultural soils as well as gardens, this technique brings  several benefits as they are weed control, humidity control, temperature regulation that is required for the proper growth of our plants and flowers.



But the mulch also contributes to the garden's design, giving different options of color and texture, generating drawings, and reproducing natural landscapes, so it also has its use outside the plants, generating new layers to the garden.







-Less irrigation: Uncovered soil facilitates water evaporation and plant transpiration. Natural padding allows them to be limited to these phenomena, acting as a sponge for better water absorption during rainy periods, keeping the soil cool, and preventing it from drying out in summer.

-Extends the life of your soil: Mulching offers a protective layer that reduces temperature discrepancies and humidity. Encourage the development of microbes on the surface that allows the release of nutrients necessary to force the development of horticultural.

-A more fertile soil: at the time of decomposition, its cover will be transformed into humus and enrich the soil with nutrients essential for plant growth.

-Fewer weeds: protecting your soil from light with mulch prevents weeds from proliferating.
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